Admission of the First Graders to the Children's Organization 2019

"At this very moment, I solemnly promise..." - the voice of our first graders echoed in the classroom. On this day, they officially joined the Children's Organization in a festive atmosphere, with a school art show prepared by teachers and special guests, as a final activity within the Children's Week.
Our famous animator, Vojche Kitanovski, performed at the central school in Stajkovci, and the MPS "25 May" dance group performed at the Strachinci satellite school.
We are grateful to all who participated in the preparation and realization of this important event. We wish that all first-graders see and feel their school as their second home and hope that they move forward in life with unselfish support from teachers, parents, and classmates. 
At this very moment, 
I solemnly promise 
To honour and respect  
All of my teachers. 
I will try to solve 
Each task with ease,
 But please, if I ever make a mistake,
I hope you will forgive me.
 At this very moment
I give my solemn homeland word
To socialize with all my friends 
In the school yard.