Pupil Parliament 2019

A constituent session of the Pupils Parliament was held on 23.09.2019.

The school principal introduced the work and the role of the Parliament to the pupils, and provided them with further guidelines and directions. 

Branka Nakova was elected President of the Pupil Parliament, while Isra Xhemailji will serve as Vice President. Both will be representatives in the School Board. 

Teo Stamenkovski was elected secretary and, together with the pupil Stefan Todorovski, will act as representatives in the Parents' Council, while Spasija Cvetkovska and Aleksandar Jovanovski were selected as representatives in the Teaching Council.

A commission for trust and cooperation was also formed, consisting of the school psychologist Elena Temelkoska, the teacher Maja Cekova, as well as the pupils Ajruli Erduan and Filip Nikolovski.