Preparations for the Start of the New School Year 2019

At the onset of new 2019/2020 school year, the central and satellite schools have been completely arranged and organized and are ready for the teaching process to start.

The summer period was dedicated to the realization of numerous activities in the two schools: procurement of new school desks and chairs in every classroom, lockers for school supplies and teaching aids, decoration of the entire school space, installation of 3 new smart boards (2 in Stajkovci and 1 in Strachinci), а new LCD-projector, designation of a special space for mobile phones in each classroom, school boards for highlighting pupil initiatives and presenting current projects and activities, a bulletin board for codes, principles and rules of conduct, and motivational message steps.

The satellite school has also been refurbished with an air-conditioning donation by S-Market and a refrigerator, a donation by Kruger market.

With the beginning of this year, teachers will follow a new dress code.

MPS “Cyril and Methodius” wishes all pupils, teachers and parents a successful start of the new school year, wishing them high results and success in all fields.