A two-day excursion around Eastern Macedonia 2019

In the period from the 18th to 19th of April, 2019, according to the annual excursion programme, the sixth-graders, together with their class headteachers Gabriela Jordanov and Marina Dimoska, realized the planned two-day excursion around Eastern Macedonia.

The pupils' first destination was the ancient site of Stobi. After witnessing our rich "outdoor museum," the group headed for Dojran on a pleasant walk along the lake shore. The pupils bought souvenirs as a reminder of their visit to our little southern town.

The next stop was Kolešino Falls, a beautiful monument of nature, whose admirable sight was revealed after a twenty-minute walk.
In the late afternoon, the group arrived in Strumica; the accommodation was at hotel "Tiveriopol", upon which was a small break, dinner and free time for leasure activities.

The second day was planned for visiting the beautiful, old monasteries in Vodoča and Veljusa. The two monasteries have indescribable beauty and wonderful surroundings. Particular attention was paid to information provided by the sisterhood of nuns, who welcomed the group with cordiality and hospitality and presented the secrets of these magnificent early Christian temples.
After these visits, the pupils were taken for a stroll along the square and the city park in Strumica.

After lunch at the hotel restaurant, the pupils bid farewell to this wonderful city and headed for Radovish, a town known for the unique Christian temple dedicated to the Holy Trinity. The pupils spent several hours in the pleasant ambience of the town, and then headed to Skopje, bringing along memories of their mutual time together.