Mobility in Spain 2019

The first mobility of the "Young Enterpreneurs at School" project, funded by the Erasmus+ KA229 programme, took place at the Colegio Público Vadorrey Les Allées school in Zaragoza, Spain, from 25.02.-01.03.2019, attended by teachers and pupils from our school, as well as from Poland and Portugal. 

Representatives from our school were the teachers: Elena Blazhevska, Biljana Arsova and Blagorodna Sotirov, and the pupils:

- Martina Cvetkovska, Sara Josimovska, Teodor Spasovki (VI-1)

- Mateja Gruevska, Teodor Mladenovski, Teodora Mladenovska (VII-1)

- Filip Efremov, Marko Popovski (VII-2)

We extend our immense gratitude to the host school, the coordinator Lola Tena Sanz, the parents, the pupils and the entire team for the wonderful organization, which included participation in educational workshops, a visit to the City Hall, visits to a carnival and museums, and a National park field trip.