Visit to the European Commission in Brussels 2018

In the period from 21st to 24th of March, 2018, our school principal, Ana Petrovska, M.A., realized a visit to the European Commission, presenting her work and part of the departments (UNITs) of the various educational programs and, through application calls, received valuable information on obtaining future funds and grants. With the presence of our representative, our school gained entry in the EC database, for which initial check was made during the approval process, and thus circulation was allowed in the EC applicants' intranet. Our presence was assessed as a serious approach to EU programs, EU values ​​and interest in the growth and development of the European market.

With the presentation of the school and the municipality of Gazi Baba, an informational e-package of the school and the municipality was sent to the networks and contacts of consulting companies and lobby groups in Brussels with clients and applicants who have already received grants. The visit will bring new partners for EU projects that already prepare consortia to which they will apply for our entry, which will continuously improve the educational process and, in general, the work of our school.