Safer Internet Day 2018

On February 6, 2018, schools around the world marked the Safer Internet Day, and this year the celebration was under the motto "“Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you”
As in previous years, our school participated in the activities intended for this day. This year, students prepared useful tips for using the Internet.
Students from the V grade attended the presentation for developing good digital well-being and created puzzles with messages for better use of the Internet.
For students from other grades, presentations and activities were prepared, through which awareness and responsibility for using the Internet were promoted.
Part of the activities was also the workshop with the parents. The students prepared topics that are interesting to them, which they then developed a discussion with their parents.
The realized activities have been published on the Informatics Week blog↗
The event is realized under the mentorship of the subject IT teacher, Blagorodna Sotirov.